About All Sports Fans Unite

All Sports Fans Unite was created in October 2015, to do exactly what the name says…bring all sports fans together! All Sports Fans Unite will provide quality writing whether it’s opinions, news stories, breaking news, predictions, and much more! So whether a fan of all sports, or just one, All Sports Fans Unite is your website to read about sports!

About the Founder – Kenny Kluska

Kenny founded All Sports Fans United because it combines two of his passions, writing and sports. Kenny has always loved writing, and has written sports articles in the past for different websites, so he decided to get a website up and running for people that share his interests!

Kenny received his Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, and his Master’s Degree from Kean University in Union, NJ, both in the field of Communication.

Kenny has lived in New Jersey since birth, and his favorite teams are the New York Knicks, Miami Marlins, New York Giants, and New Jersey Devils. He also has his own weekly podcast that airs every Sunday called Real Sports Talk With Kenny Kluska on Spreaker.